9WT Stage Camp 2012

It’s June once again!  Summer has ended and it was a wonderful, perfect summer.  I learned so much from Topper, Anthony and Felix.   A big thanks to Joseph who painstakingly arranged the music for us.  I heard from Jon-jon that he hardly slept with the combined work he had to do for all three classes.  I will miss the loft, it only gets better every year.  I haven’t had time to process everything I discovered about myself and others but when I do, I hope I can articulate the magnitude of what I feel for what they’ve done for us.   I love our class and I couldn’t have asked for a better group to share this summer with.  I love the songs we sang and the moments we shared.    When I think of the stage campers there’s a glow around my heart and brain.  I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.  🙂

I watched as our facebook page was filled up with notes of love, gratitude and missing yous.  It’s amazing to see how much feeling is generated from 2 months of camaraderie and learning.  It’s a joy to watch and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Lessons learned in theater workshops are enduring.  Friendships can last forever and sometimes, people fall in love.  Whatever happens in the end, the positive impact of this experience on everyone is undeniable.  When the end came it was indeed bittersweet.

My head still hurts from the stress of the past few weeks, rushing to Rockwell from Q.C., figuring out the notes, giving, giving and learning, laughing and worrying about the “big day.”  And though I’m glad for the opportunity to rest and concentrate on the woefully neglected parts of my life, I will miss everything, and I mean, everything.  Everything and every one of the people I’ve worked with this past 2 months.

From Topper I learned to fail big and enjoy each and every moment we have onstage.  I learned that it’s important to save each other, to build on the energy, to lift each other up and connect.  From Anthony I learned that it’s okay to be yourself.  “Whatever you want, just go for it.  I think that would be awesome, just go ahead!” And it’s not that they just let us go wild with whatever we want.  They actively guide us with our songs and actions, without taking away the fun and individuality of each person.  Most importantly, they made us feel that we could do anything. 🙂 From Felix I learned that you don’t have to sing a song beautifully each and every time.  It’s how you communicate the message of your song that matters.  He also told us that we shouldn’t force ourselves to sound like someone else because each voice is unique.  It’s okay to sing the way you naturally do.  I think I heard a collective sigh of relief on that one. 🙂 Joseph was patient with everyone.  He even participated in certain class activities, stood as a substitute for absentee classmates during blocking and dutifully made minus ones for people who needed it.  And of course, there were the gorgeous arrangements he prepared for the class.  And what’s a musical theater stage camp without the music?

There was a truckload of stuff to reflect upon from this summer and I’m still not ready to dig deep.  For now I’ll just enjoy the afterglow and endure the withdrawal with my classmates.


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