Bike Ride

Took a bike round through our empty streets, this hometown where we used to lie in the middle of the road and wait for cars to round that corner, screaming like the little kids we were.

It’s 4 AM and I’m in my blue dress. I look up at black sky and see only hope in the shape of stars burning brightly. I slowly let go of the handle bars and close my eyes, head lifted to the sky, thinking only of you, only of my love that very first time, that time alone with you.

We danced under these stars, you and I. We lay on those streets and took those bike rides through town, screaming like little kids. And I open my eyes with my hands up in the air and embrace you through time.  I took that bike around the wide empty streets so many times, breathing in the cool, crisp scent of wild grass, looking for that sweet spot where I’d ride past and smell Sampaguita, the color of high school and late nights walking through side streets. We were looking for a place to kiss.

Memories in my hometown. Coming from a fight. I’ve loved you well tonight. Til tomorrow, love. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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