Nothing Else

If I could paint each moment of you,
In a word it would be beautiful and bold
A play between an elegant script, a casual scrawl.

If I could sing that moment with you,
It would be in low tones, a hushed whisper.
Deep breaths, a burst of laughter
A country song, a slow beat.

If I could be with you wherever you go,
I would not.  I’d leave you alone to find your way

I’ll wait only one time, for when you look back and wave
Next time, dearest. You’ll be too far away

But you’ll find me there, when you’ve found your way
In an unexpected place we both un-expect
When you round that corner and I cross the street
When the light says stop, I’ll go, we’ll meet.

That “sorry” fades from our lips
We’ll look into each others eyes and smile
Smile that knowing smile
And say nothing else.



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