This Afternoon

If you saw someone dancing madly outside your window… That’s probably me.

The reason I said this is because I was dancing wildly while jogging… Or jogging wildly while dancing down the street in my home town.  Someone saw me and (I think) ran away from crazy, but honestly, why not?  Why not dance wildly on the quiet streets of Las Pinas on an Easter Sunday night? 🙂

Many things happen when you find the willpower to step away from the computer and go out into the street.  This afternoon I enjoyed a long walk coupled with some goat rescue.  Yeap, I was walking along when I heard the bleating of two goats.  It honestly sounded like a goat bleat for help.  After a moment of hesitation I left main street, went into the fields and headed to the sound of bleating goats, praying I wasn’t going to be accosted for trespassing.  I got to the area and saw that there were two goats bleating very loudly.  Goatlets (? kids?) were wandering around the field, hopping and bleating, indifferent to the cries of their much older kin.  I stared hard at the largets goat, the one staring right back at me, bleating.  I wondered if I was going to be gutted with an goat horn if I came any closer but I saw the ropes, saw it was caught and plunged right in.

No, I didn’t plunge right in.  I took a tentative step forward and stroked the goats head quickly.  When it didn’t bite me, I went ahead and darted some quick, friendly, please-do-not-eat-my-fingers strokes.  When it didn’t chop my arm off (yes, that’s how my thought processes work and no, I haven’t had a close encounter with a goat before) I crouched down and proceeded to direct it to safety, aka tugging, cajoling and saying things like, “Come on, goat.  Don’t be a brat, goat.  I’m trying to help.  Don’t make this difficult… ermmm come on, goat!  Bend your err.. knees, duck your head and yes… that’s it… *bleaaaaaat. bleeaaaaaaaat!* Don’t look at me like that, goat.  I’m only trying to help.”

I helped the other goat too, and she (I’m just assuming) was easier to get out of the tangle she was in (rope curled around a stump of wood).  After they were both free they started chomping madly at the grass.  I couldn’t help but feel grateful that I hauled my sorry ass off the computer table to take a walk.  I wondered if their owners were out for Holy Week and neglected to foresee the trouble Gerald and Flora (yes, I named them) would get into.  After that I wandered home and marvelled at the blue sky for a bit.  I couldn’t help but feel lonely, remembering the kid I used to be.

I spent the rest of the day listening to Holy Ground by Taylor Swift, walking/running/dancing and reading about the not-so-fairytale love story of Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsay.  What she said reminded me of a few things, stuff I should always remember and never forget.  You’ve got to get something in order to continue giving.  That’s just the law/physics of the world.  You can’t just always give, despite what the philosophers say.  You’ve always got to get something back.  Or else it’s just… parasitic or pointless.  And I mean this for all healthy relationships.  There’s always got to be a give or take in every friendship.


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