On Country Music

I’ve been watching country music videos tonight and I stumbled upon one of Alison Krauss singing with Taylor Swift.  I remember breaking my teeth on country music with the album of Alison Krauss.  My brother got annoyed at me for singing so loudly (over and over again) about a place called ‘Atlanta’.

“Do you even know where that place is?”  He asked me.  I just shrugged and kept on singing.  At 9 years old I knew that I loved country music and years later, I still do.

I’ve been watching a show called ‘Nashville.’  I fell in love with Lennon and Maisy Stella, actresses and singers who play Reyna James’ daughters on the show.  They look and sound so heartbreakingly sweet, especially Lennon.  I loved how she sang a Jason Mraz song:  “And when you’re needing your space, to do some navigating I will be patiently waiting to see what you find.”  Weeks later I realize how selfish _ is.  I realized it when I started listening deeply to this song:


I remember why I love country music.  It reminds me of what I value the most: family, friendship, work, music, words, faith, God, deep and enduring love.  “At the end of the day, Lord I pray I have a life that is good.”


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