So, guess what. I’m going to the Taylor Swift concert tonight and it’s still not sinking in. I’ve been in love with Taylor Swift’s music since she first met my ears last 2007 and I’ve never stopped. Like what she said in her blog, “That’s true love.” Honestly, I only began to appreciate her when it was revealed that she writes her own songs. Country-pop singers are a dime a dozen in my opinion, but a teeenage girl who can write a line like

“He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar, the only one who’s got enough of me to break my heart, he’s the song in the car, I keep singing don’t know why I do.” 

is someone really special. Years later, she’s gained millions of fans and is still doing what she does best. Write lyrics and music that a whole lot of us can relate to. I don’t care what most of my peers say about country music, but Taylor Swift’s talent is undeniable. She’s a prolific writer, and has an amazing ear for a catchy chorus… and she creates all the time. If I had a quarter of her tenacity and drive, oh. my. goursh. There’s a reason why she’s so successful at such a young age. She’s got tenacity, drive, discipline, talent and a whole lot of love for her craft. So uh, yeah. I love Taylor Swift’s being — not just because of the songs that became at one point, the theme song for each significant moment in my 20s, but because she’s a humble, down-to-earth person who loves giving hugs, and takes care of her fans. She just emanates niceness. 

So yeah, I’m writing because I’m going to her RED concert tonight. Her RED album. I cannot express how significant this album has been to me. It saw me through the most terrible years of my life. It reflected my struggles and feelings. It helped me Begin Again. Some songs that deserve a special mention: When I was feeling so alone, All Too Well reminded me that something that hurts me now was at one point, really good. The song eased my terrible feelings of loneliness too many times to count. Begin Again made me cry, and feel hope that there will be day that I won’t hurt anymore. Each song in this album made me cry, laugh, and feel feelings

So tonight is the night that I “forget abut the heartbreak… the deadlines.” Tonight we paint the town RED! 🙂 



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