Dealing with Difficult People – Myself

I’ve been reading this book by Anthony de Mello (again), and boy what a difference one year can make. I’m definitely not the wide-eyed girl I was 12 months ago. And while that borders on sounding cynical, I assure you it’s not. I am still trying to become a better person, especially now that I really want to bite someone’s head off. 

“Expect the worst, you’re dealing with selfish people. You’re the idiot– you glorified her, did you? You thought she was a princess, you thought people were nice. They’re not! They’re not nice. They’re as bad as you are– bad, you understand? They’re asleep like you. And what do you think they are going to seek? Their own self-interest, exactly like you. No difference.” –Anthony de Mello

These people do what they do because they want to further their own ends, even at the expense of others. And while I definitely do not excuse that kind of behavior, this thought should help me control my feelings, and the way I deal with these people. I don’t know how I’m going to proceed as the days go by, but I know that I’m willing to change my ways, and change my mind. I’ve seen enough to understand that I don’t know much about anything. I’ve seen others deal with things more effectively than I do. 

I’ve got a lot to learn.


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