Tell Me Something

Have you ever found it difficult to be yourself?

I know that we’re supposed to like and love ourselves. After all, we have only ourselves. These are our cards. These are our components. Whatever the Universe decided to give us to live out our sentient existence, is this.

But what if I don’t like who I am? What if I don’t think I have what I need to live a full life?

What if I feel like giving up, right now?

What can I say to make me feel better? To make me feel hopeful, and alright?


2 thoughts on “Tell Me Something

  1. Why don’t you like who you are? If you do like yourself then the other questions disappear (in my opinion.)
    If you think you need something to feel hopeful, get it. If you think you need another person to fill a hole in your heart then I can say from experience you’re going to waste a lot of time that you could have lived positively. I hope you feel better

    • Thank you, Scott. It was just one of those sucky days when everything was going wrong. At the end of the day, we all have our selves, and we have to be happy being who we are. 🙂 I feel much, much, better now!

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