Okay so something amazing just happened. I’m not going to say it here, but just so you know… something amazing happened. Amazingly interesting-awesome-and-fun! 🙂 Can’t wait to learn more!

So a lot of things happened today. I learned that there’s an Psychometrician and/or Psychology licensure coming up, and there’s an option to have a review class. That starts on August 30.

And just so I remember, the first 2 Saturdays of September is when the comprehensives are happening. Oh, and that happens to be my PETA recital.


There’s a horrible, particular thing that happens when I’m left alone in Las Pinas. I sink into a hole, eat my feelings away, and think bad thoughts about everything. Most of the time, I have to drag myself away from the bed, just to remember life is an adventure, and there’s so much more to the darkness I like as company. It sucks to be home. 

But I MISS being home, so much. I wish with all my heart that ABS-CBN was located near Las Pinas. I WISH the trip home took only 1 hour, instead of 2 hours. Life is too short to spend away from family.

The thing is, when I go home, it’s hard to peel yourself away from the ground because the rest of my life seems so far away. When I’m home, I feel tired just thinking about going back to QC the next day. If there’s an event in Makati and I’m in Las Pinas, I’d likely miss it. If there are repeated events happening over a course of the month, it’s safe to bet it won’t be near Las Pinas. And it depresses me to think of all the commute time, the lugging around heavy stuff time.

I wish we lived in Makati.

But I don’t.

I wish we had trains like the ones abroad.

But we don’t.

We all have 2 – 3 hours of commute time from Las Pinas to Quezon City. It isn’t the distance, not really. It’s the insane traffic, and number of people you have to do battle with, just to get to where you need to go. Not fun. It’s draining. It blocks my way home. 😦




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