The Lights Have Dimmed

He was that guy who made people feel great; he allowed them to realize dreams they never had, recognize their ability to become individuals who can “change the world.” He did this with his great work; he exuded generosity and kindness. 

He was young. 63 year old men can go on for 20 more years. That’s 20 more years of his love, warmth and being. His choice was his. People have no right to judge those who struggle with depression. Depression is an illness. No one wants to be depressed. It must have been a terrible night, or a moment of relief. I guess we’ll never know. As it should be, I guess. Some people choose to go to their death alone. I’m saddened when I see comments about Robin Williams being selfish for doing what he did. I’m sure as a dad, he’d give anything to not feel the way he did about life. But there’s really no explaining why people do the way they do. Wherever he is, I pray his soul is at rest. A man as warm, generous, and giving as they say he was deserves to find happiness. At the very least, he deserves to have peace.

So wherever you are, Robin Williams… I pray you’ve found what you’re looking for and you’re not hurting anymore. 


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