11:40 PM

Let me tell you one thing before I go; the truth is,
I never thought we’d grow up like this.

I wish things ended up with you wanting me the way I want you.
But another truth is, I’m glad you never did.
I’m relieved you never wanted to.

Fact is, I love that most about you.
What that only means, is that I’m a very sick girl.
Either that, or I’m a very idealistic girl.

Regardless, I have my head in the cosmos;
I went beyond the clouds.

Hell, I’m back where the Big Bang started.

It was easier to accept that you didn’t want me
than to understand why you’re tired of me.

When a person you respect and admire doesn’t love you,
it hurts in a delicious, heart-broken, unrequited way.

When a person you respect and admire
stabs at elevator keys just to get away from you
Fuck. Stab. Fuck fuck! Stab.

that’s obviously
a problem.

So before I go, let me tell you a simple truth:
It hurts to be unwanted and merely tolerated by someone
you hold at high regard but being that he’s being fucking
rude about it, then he never deserved you affection IN THE FIRST PLACE.

An asshole is an asshole, no matter how much praise he merits
as a so-called genius. You can control the manner in which you
show displeasure of other people’s company.

You don’t let a third party deliver your crap message for you.
And FYI, you’re fucking insane to think I was even gunning for your attention.
I wasn’t even interested until you re-directed my thoughts back to you;
With that stunning display of blatant avoidance, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT

Congratulations, asshole. You just brought back my UNWANTED attention
through your FUCKED. UP. ATTITUDE.


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