The Field Outside those Prison Walls

Hello! I’d like you to know
Your feelings are yours.

Goodbye. I’d like you to know,
I have the right to feel angry.
Like the way I let you be,
allow the same freedom for me.

Hello! I’d like you to know
I understand, and I get it.
Much like I understand and get
the passing of seasons,
the ebbing of tides,
why I love men who hurt me,
the way our world will end,
the meaning of life,
exactly how time passes by,
and why we have five fingers
on each hand instead
of six.

Thank you. Because of you
I am a flawed version of myself.
This true self, I offer to you.
Everything good about me,
is because of you.
Fuck you.

Goodbye. I wish you well sometimes.
But mostly, I want my months and years back.
Because all that time could have been
for all of me and not wasted on
all of you who didn’t give a damn
about me.

Lay yourself down on the floor
of your own prison cell
built with words you say to justify yourself
You have no cellmates. Surrounding you are people
in their own cages, encouraging
your fears.

I will stand on this field of ghosts and look
away from your closed door; your closed heart

Always about you. Mostly about you.
I’ve grown tired of you growing tired of

But I will stand on this field
because this is where you’ll find me
when you heart feels itself ready
to smile again.

All you need is to let go.


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