A New Year Goodbye

Be gentle with me, world.
But if you must do your damage, know that I
with these shaky hands, can wield
hope like a fiery, icy sword.

I am small and weary
but this call is strong and true!
My will can break hearts
like dragons do.

That was a bad chapter.
It was a great read.
I’ve closed my book now,
I ride on a steed.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 12.02.58 AM

The new year rises,
sunlight and wind on my face.
I blink rapidly, that ball of glitter is so bright
Those mountains from a distance burn and
down that slope is a long, snaking river of pure
silver and fire!

Shadows recede into forests screaming with color;
golden brown, reds and yellows. Spirits smile
and wave at me. I finally see, grandmother.

They are cheering now.

And in a moment
that time of the year is done;
we begin again.

-mncocjin, 2014


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