Natalie Portman’s Harvard Commencement Class speech

There were too many beautiful, relatable quotes here to quote, especially for people like me who have difficulty finding a place in the achievement oriented world of formal education. To put things simply, I had difficulty understanding and appreciating subjects that were considered ‘serious’ and ‘practical,’ while I excelled at things that were playful and intuitive. Case in point: math and logic = C’s, D’s and F’s; hypnosis and creative writing: waaay better grades.

It struck me how she emphasized “human interaction” as the best experience of her life during and after Harvard: from her altruistic endeavors around the world, to the love she continues to share with her college friends and family. Staring at a certain quote (randomly grabbed from the internet) posted on my bulletin board I smile, acknowledging the thought that despite our huge differences, Natalie Portman is a kindred spirit. The quote: “Life is about the people you meet.”

“If your reasons are your own, your path — even if it’s a strange and clumsy path — will be wholly yours and you will control the rewards of what you do if you make your internal path fulfilling,” -Natalie Portman


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