Open Your Eyes

I’ve gone 29 years on this earth not knowing I could open my eyes underwater without experiencing pain. All this time I thought only certain people could do it, and marveled at their capacity to do so. When Gio said I could, I didn’t want to. I really, really didn’t want to. Pain is my least favorite thing in the world. Having been poked and prodded in my adolescent years and experiencing major surgery (with all its whistles and bells) at 21 made me allergic to anything painful– or so I thought. But then I find myself spending weekends trudging up mountains, which is always unpleasant and uncomfortable. Yet somehow, I keep doing it, and I continue because I love getting to the top.

Back to my underwater eye-opening story. So Gio told me I should do it, but I never wanted to try because I was afraid of getting hurt. But my recent philosophy, in light of certain chat convo I had with a friend, has been to try anything and experience everything that life has to offer. In his words, life is a fruit and he won’t stop squeezing it until he’s gotten everything he can from it. Funny how that thought he shared comes to me at random moments like this, when a friend is telling me to open my eyes underwater.

So I did, and here’s the picture. I’ve got nothing to say except, that day became all the more special, because I discovered something new about my body. As I got used to opening my eyes underwater, it got less and less painful. Our bodies adapt, like we do. And just like that, something I feared doing all my life, became a thing of joy– I look forward to seeing the world under the sea with my own eyes. I get to smile for underwater pictures. I get to eliminate yet another item that I thought I couldn’t do.

I’ve got three people to thank for that. Gio, who encouraged me to try it. Paolo, who shared his philosophy in life, and myself, who didn’t allow fear to stop me from trying something new.


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