Look Back

Last night I sat with new friends, one editing a birthday video while the other wrote a story line for a television show. The one closest to me suddenly turned and said, “Listen to this! My friend sent me a poem [recites poem] and he says it’s for neouroscience! Ganito talaga ang trip pag alas dose na.” I was amazed by the poem she recited out loud, and how normal it seemed for her to hear things like this from friends. It got me thinking about late nights, friendships, and things we love doing. Time is moving forward, things are changing, and I’ve got a job offer that I’ll probably refuse, simply because I love where I am and the people who share this space with me.

At the end of the day, I’m still that girl who follows her heart. Let’s see who the woman is.


One thought on “Look Back

  1. Hahaha. I’ve been thinking about the unease I’ve been having when I finally had my first day. I couldn’t stay in my seat, and I felt constrained. That can’t be right though; I’m in the happiest department in the company. I’m supposed to be freed.

    Where you are now is a collection of beloved friends — family. Wish I could say the same for where I am after this week.. *hopeful*

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