3:30 am: Before

I found moving images of us and remembered how we used to laugh together. I’ve always been silly, but nothing compares to how we were back then– just two girls letting crazy loose. Whatever happens in the future, know this: I will always miss those times. Going through these pictures and videos, I wonder what’s so important to keep, that we lost who we are together. Whatever sin that is, I hate it with a passion.

The last few hours were spent laughing my head off over the ridiculous things we did. It’s good to know that the recent bad can never erase the love of our past, at least on my part. Do you know how much I miss you?

I trust the Universe. Maybe it’s necessary for us to be like this. Is there a lesson to learn in all of this, I don’t really know. What I know is, I miss those days and I miss you. My thoughts wander off to you every day, and I will always wish you well.

Love, Marj.


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