these moments call my attention to details: you, typing furiously on your tiny laptop, focused and steady beside me. You, lying wrapped in a dark blue blanket, oblivious to the sound of Kelsea Ballerini and One Direction, blaring endlessly from my laptop.

You, who can’t sleep, who messaged me at 5 in the morning, trying to grasp at rapidly fading memories from a dream. You, who walked with me in the rain, struggling in vain to keep dry under a flimsy fold-able umbrella. You, who surrounds my daily hours in the office with joy, laughter, stories, and music.

office 3

My friends, you’ve shared most of my life with me the past few years, and my heart beats rapidly with so much gratitude, it aches. How can a group of people as diverse as this, come together and become family, even for a moment? I see you, you, and you, laugh and talk among each other like old friends, different people I’ve known in different times of my life. Now you’re here, dancing and crying with me, with each other, and I’m filled with quiet joy– I like that phrase, “quiet joy”, because that’s exactly what this coming together is for me: a slow, gentle, and patient touch of souls to each other; knowing, listening, showing affection, and ultimately, a sense of acceptance settle lightly on our shoulders.


Septembers in the past have often proved difficult, and this year has hit harder than the ones before. But I have myself and you, you, you; a million times of you, wrapped in different bundles of sunshine, moonshine, and starshine, illuminating my life incredibly, wholly, wonderfully. We allow each other to be who we are– with our quirks, moods, mistakes, and quarrels. Thank you for helping me realize that I’m not meant to be understood and loved in bits and pieces, but in my entirety. I’ve learned so much about acceptance from you.

My dear friends, thank you for filling my heart and life with love– I’m glad you all found each other. I’m glad you found me, and I found you. You, you, and you. A million times, all of you. 🙂 It’s too early in the morning to be correct or articulate, but thank you, thank you, thank you for making each day something to look forward to. For being a home away from home, because I live away from home for most days of a month… darn you traffic but that’s for another entry. Good morning, world!



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