Writers, Write

A writer, writes. You can’t determine which writer is better. How can you decide if this writer deserves more pay than the other? You don’t judge them on their creativity, style of writing, or story concept. You can use the number of hits they have, or maybe the versatility in which they’re able to translate their story into a concept for film, TV, or webisodes.

But to determine a system of determining whether this writer is better creatively than the other? That’s absolute nonsense; that’s insulting. Stephanie Meyer is not a great writer by any means, but she managed to generate millions off of Twilight. E.L. James of 50 Shades of Grey fame is a terrifically bad writer in a genre dominated by erotic romance giants, but no one can deny the popularity of her fanfiction turned mainstream BDSM novel. By all means, give your money and benefits to those writers who continuously draw audiences in; yes, they drive revenue.

But don’t tell me that you can determine which writer gets more based on creativity.

You can be a damn good writer with Palanca level skeelz and not have mainstream success. Your body of work may shed light into a particular area of the human condition, and have nobody care.

A writer, writes. A writer has a story inside of them, and they tell it the best way they can, in their own way, style, and time. What works for you, might not work for the masses. Who are we to judge the masses for what they love and want?

A writer, writes. A writer reads. A writer feels, thinks, and practices the craft over and over again, in his or her desire to tell a story. There is a Universe inside writers, and you can’t put a measure on their worlds or characters! A writer’s ability is not quantifiable! Of course, I’m talking about the real deal kind of writer here, the one’s who have perfect command of grammar and language.

But still, don’t tell me you can assess which writer deserves more, based on the kind of story he or she chooses to tell. I’m neither a writer or a creative person, as described by our organization, but I know this much is true: A writer’s life is both hard and rewarding; a true writer writes because he has a story inside of him, and he spends his life figuring out how best this can be told.

That’s just me, of course.


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