From Before

I went to Coral View with the Burgundy Girls a few weekends ago. Coral View instead of Japan for the big 30th. I’ll still insist on Japan one day. 

Alone, my thoughts naturally drift towards missing you. This photo reminds me that you, like everyone, naturally occur in the world. Everything connects. May I always have the eye to see, and the heart to understand that eventually, people come back to where they should be. It’s inevitable. It’s gravity. 

We make do with what we see, and what we have is beautiful. Despite how destroyed I sometimes feel, I know without a doubt that life is a gift. I am determined to treat each day with love. I wish to live, God. I wish to exist in this world, with the people You allow me to meet. 

It’s in moments like this that I stuggle to see the stars. Somehow, I find they are always there if I look hard enough. 


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