You live with fear and uncertainty for so long, a caged animal takes the place of who you used to be: a soft, vulnerable, naive, sloppy marshmallow. Buh-bye, now.

Events in my life keep challenging my resolve to be brave, and kind.

People of authority aren’t always right, and just.

People of authority will forget their power, and abuse others.

I’ve learned how not to treat people, if you want them happy, healthy, and secure.

I will NEVER forget how you made me feel.

Disillusionment about people and organizations is a bitch, but it’s a necessary bitch for me to grow up, toughen up, and smarten the hell up.

Don’t keep giving people the benefit of the doubt, especially those who lack the willingness to be self-aware and understanding of others.

You’ve been incredibly trusting, and stupid, Marj.

That’s fine. If I have to go through this, then let this be my becoming.



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